Health and Safety Committee

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Report a Safety Concern

Please use this page to report safety concerns on campus. This form is only for concerns regarding the infrastructure at UNI, such as structural building problems, potentially unsafe equipment, tripping/fall hazards, unsafe working conditions, or other unsafe conditions impacting the campus community.

  • For quickest service, concerns regarding snow and ice removal should first be reported to Grounds Services by calling (319) 273-4400.

  • For concerns about an individual (faculty, staff, students, or guests), please go to and contact the appropriate office based on the criteria listed.

  • You may instead use UNI's EthicsPoint service if you wish to remain anonymous. Reports to EthicsPoint may take longer for UNI to act upon, but confidentiality is more assured as the data is gathered and maintained by an independent third-party.

  • For concerns that pose a serious and immediate threat to safety, please call the UNI Police at (319) 273-2712 so they can secure the area.

  • If you know a person is at risk of suicide, a threat of harm to others, or exhibiting severely disorganized, psychotic or out-of-control behavior, immediately dial 911 or call UNI Police at (319) 273-2712.