Health and Safety Committee

Health and Safety Committee

The mission of the UNI Health and Safety Committee is to assist with the development and promotion of a healthy and safe physical environment for the university community and visitors to our facilities and grounds. The health and safety activities of the committee will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identify unsafe work practices and conditions and suggest appropriate remedies.

  • Respond to complaints/concerns by conducting health and safety reviews of operations and facilities, identify safety hazards and recommend corrective measures.

  • Review employee accident or injury reports (first report of injury). Types of accidents, causes and trends shall be identified and the correction suggested.

  • Assist in the development and implementation of effective health and safety awareness programs.

  • Encourage feedback from all individuals with regard to health and safety related ideas, problems and solutions.

  • Provide support and serve as a resource in the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive safety program.

  • With the assistance of the Safety Manager, review written safety programs to ensure compliance with OSHA health and safety regulations.

  • Serve as an advisory body to management on health and safety issues.

  • Provide suggestions and recommendations for responding to health and safety concerns by soliciting faculty and staff input.

Meetings will be held monthly during the academic year at a day and time determined by the committee.